Connecting employers to workers

BCAC leads a labour committee that oversees the policies and issues related to human resources and skills development in B.C. agriculture sector. In addition to addressing the need for finding local hires, the committee also works to assist employers who require temporary foreign workers (TFW) to fill the demand for labour.


BCAC, through a subsidiary company, Western Agriculture Labour Initiative (WALI), works with employers and governments to enable employers to find adequate domestic workers and improve working conditions for temporary workers.

All information that directly relates to temporary foreign workers and the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program, including housing inspections can be found on the WALI website.

Labour Committee Members

Statement of Principles: We believe that all workers operate in a safe environment and that their rights are respected and promoted.

Rhonda Driediger, Chair

Pinder Dhaliwal, Vice-Chair Representing Tree Fruits

Len Smit Representing Nursery

Randy Sihota Representing Potato & Field Vegetables

Ken Denbok Representing Floriculture

David Mutz Representing Berries

Ravi Cheema Representing Greenhouse Vegetables

Chris Vanrietschoten Representing Poultry

David Nguyen Representing Mushrooms

John Kerkhoven Representing Dairy

General Labour News and Updates

WALI representatives are some of the first to hear about changes coming from government and we share those updates with employers.

A list of these updates can be found here.