BC Agriculture Council Benefits Plan

Employee benefits designed for B.C.'s family farm businesses - as requested by you!

The BC Agriculture Council Employee Benefits Plan

Your success is our success - together we are growing a stronger agriculture sector for you and your farm business.

BC Agriculture Council understands the unique challenges and rewards that come with farming. That's why we are dedicated to providing a benefits plan that truly supports you and your farm business.

When designing this plan, we consulted directly with B.C. farmers and ranchers. By doing so, it has been tailored to meet your specific needs and priorities, ensuring that you have the protection and assistance necessary to thrive in today’s agriculture landscape.

Plan Details
No matter what industry you’re in or how many employees you have, the BCAC Employee Benefits Plan will be able to offer a competitive benefits plan to help attract, protect and retain employees for farm employers.
Are you a B.C. farmer or rancher with 2-10 employees? Check out one of our pre-set plan options and rates built to be affordable, low fuss and flexible for your needs.

More than 10 employees? Let us build a custom quote to meet your needs.


New to employee benefits or need a more affordable option?

  • $250/year, 80%
  • $2,000/yr
  • $1,000, 80%
  • Included
  • Included

  • Included


On solid footing and looking for added value?

  • $500/year, 80%
  • $2,500/yr
  • $1,000, 90%
  • Included
  • Included

  • Included


Well-established and looking to optimize your benefits plan?

  • $500/yr, 90%
  • $5,000/yr
  • $1,500, 90%
  • Included
  • Included

  • Included


Premium offers at an affordable rate.

  • $500/yr, 100%
  • 10,000/yr
  • $1,500, 100%
  • Included
  • Included

  • Included

More than 10 employees or looking for something you don’t see?

Let us build a custom quote for you! Click below to schedule an appointment time.

Plan Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the coverage you deserve! Employee health benefits are an important factor to attract and retain employees. BCAC's employee benefits plan is tailored to B.C. farmers and ranchers.
1We have employees that work part time on the farm, can they still have coverage?
Yes, as long as they are working a minimum of 20 hours/week. Please contact HUB Insurance for more information.
2Do my employees need to have provincial coverage in order to be on the plan?
Yes, if you don't have coverage, please reach out to HUB for interim coverage.
3Is there tax added to the premiums?
No, in B.C. there is no tax added to premiums.
4Where can I see a full list of coverages?
You can contact a HUB Insurance representative for a sample copy of the employee handbook.
5Can my employees have different levels of coverage under one plan?
If your organization has over 10 employees you can create tiers of coverage for different tiers of employees.
Still have questions?
The BCAC Employee Benefits Plan is backed by a unified support team through: BC Agriculture Council, HUB International Brokers, Empire Life and Effortless Admin.
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