Agriculture on the Agenda

BC Agriculture Council is the lead industry advocate for key sector-wide priorities in British Columbia.

Access to Labour


Access to labour is essential for food security and the success of the Canadian agriculture sector. BCAC supports the use of foreign workers only when there are no Canadians willing or available to do the work. It is vital that all workers operate in a safe and rewarding environment and that their rights are respected and promoted.


Agriculture Education and Awareness


When it comes to food and how it is produced, misinformation abounds. The share of voice and influence with certain consumer segments have driven which food news is shared broadly and embraced by the broader public.



Environment & Climate Change

Ensuring farmland sustainability is crucial. Agriculture is vulnerable to changes in climate conditions and even small shifts can have significant consequences for food production, the livelihoods of farmers, and the future of the agri-food sector in B.C.

Farm Business

The important work of farmers and ranchers is supported by programs administered and delivered by various levels of government. Business risk management programs are tools that provide agricultural producers with protection against income and production losses, helping to manage risks to the financial viability of farms and ranches. On-farm programs offer a variety of resources to enhance the efficiency, growth, or societal benefit of farmland operations.


Land Use

Protecting farmland is vital to the future success and sustainability of B.C. agriculture. Without land dedicated to agricultural production in the province, it will be difficult to ensure access to safe, affordable food for British Columbians.

Water Management & Security

Water is the cornerstone to agriculture. B.C. farmers and ranchers recognize the importance of protecting this precious resource and ensuring a safe, reliable water source for our food system.