Our Committees

BC Agriculture Council uses committees to develop and advocate on our member's interests that are critical to agriculture in British Columbia. Our Committees and Working Groups members are appointed based on their expertise and interests. Committees and Working Groups meet a number of times throughout each year and whenever an issue requires.

BC Young Farmers
BC Young Farmers Committee provides a forum where young leaders can discuss issues related to agriculture, provide input in BCAC policy-building initiatives, and build connections between BCAC and the next generation of farmers in B.C. Learn more here.
Current Chair: Rudi Meier
Labour Committee
Workers are the agriculture sector's most valuable asset and it requires secure access to employees and employment programs to succeed. The Labour Committee oversees the policies and issues related to human resources and skills development. We believe that all workers operate in a safe environment and that their rights are respected and promoted.
Provincial Risk Management Advisory Committee
The Provincial Risk Management Advisory Committee is a joint committee between BCAC and the BC Ministry of Agriculture that advises and provides direction to the BC Ministry of Agriculture (AGRI) on the safety net program policy. The BCAC recommends the representation to the National Advisory Committees (Safety Nets and the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization Program) from the Provincial Risk Management Advisory Committee, the appointments of which require approval by the federal Minister of Agriculture.
Environment and Climate Change
The Environment and Climate Change Committee will facilitate industry input directed to relevant stakeholders. View the Terms of Reference here.
Farm Business
Land Use