Helping producers manage risk

Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, Crop Insurance, AgriStability, AgriInvest, AgriRecovery etc, are tools provided to farmers and ranchers by the Federal and Provincial Governments. BCAC and the provincial government operate the Risk Management Advisory Committee (RMAC). RMAC is a committee of farmers and ranchers who help government evaluate program design and performance. They look for ways to improve programs so they help producers manage risk on their operations.

In addition to the above, BCAC is here to advise with the following issues that affect business operations:


As part of the commitment to revitalize the ALR, BCAC sees it relevant for a review of provincial and municipal land use regulations to ensure they are supportive of farming on farm land and keep pace with changing farm practices.


By exempting bona fide farmers from PST, B.C. could increase investment and productivity in the agriculture sector. It would reduce administrative costs, encourage innovation and help young farmers grow their businesses. However, the current definition of a bona fide farmer is too broad; the $2,500 annual farm gate sales requirement is enabling rural property holders access to tax exemptions while they are producing only nominal amounts of agricultural product.


We propose that an inter-governmental and industry committee be established to review previous tax recommendations and develop policies, incentives and taxes that have the desired impact of growing a holistic and sustainable agriculture sector that contributes to British Columbia economically, socially and environmentally.