Neufeld Family
BC Poultry Farmer

In 1963 the Neufeld family settled in Abbotsford with their six children. Not too long later in 1967, the family purchased 2 parcels of land which make up the Neufeld Operation today. The Land which was formerly a dairy farm, became a one crop raspberry farm. Dan, the youngest of the six children began farming as a boy. Working alongside his parents on the farm came natural to him and was something he enjoyed.  Before graduating from high school Dan knew that farming was what he would do. In 1980 Dan married his high school sweetheart Audrey who had the same love for the farming lifestyle which resulted in purchasing one parcel of land off his father the same year. Soon after Dan and his father saw an opportunity to get into chicken farming and in 1986 they purchased quota.  Raising baby chicks though challenging, has its rewards through maintaining clean barns and nourishing the chicks to become healthy meat birds. Their desire to get their wholesome farm raised chicken into the hands of the community grew and in 1995 Neufeld Farms opened a meat shop to supplement its already established summer market. Dan and Audrey have 3 children who from young on worked with them on the farm. Today they are all married and are raising families of their own. Their youngest son Steve is farming full time with them and so the passion for farming continues into the 3rd generation. Together they all realize their responsibility to their animals, customers, and community and their sustainable farming practices show it. The Neufelds’ love for farming, family, and community is reflected in their market, which brings the best homegrown and other wholesome local foods to their customers.