Edgar Smith – BCAC
Edgar Smith
Edgar Smith
BC Cheesemaker

Edgar Smith has been taking care of dairy cattle since he was a little boy on his family farm. Today, Edgar and his brothers, Doug and Phillip, keep busy operating a cranberry and organic beef farm in addition to producing artisan cheeses. He is passionate about supporting the local community, having his fingers in the soil and producing high-quality food.

Natural Pastures Cheese Co. are proud to say they are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency through each step of their cheese making, from aging to wrapping to quality control. Edgar says, “The quality that we produce locally is much superior to produce and dairy products that are brought in from other countries”. He is also an advocate for supporting use of local land and feels, “we are much better as a society if we help each other”. He takes great pleasure hearing customer feedback on his cheese and how his local community enjoys it.

Edgar has been farming for the greater part of his life; it is fairly evident that he is a man who truly loves what he does. He says it all in this quote, “To me working with animals and plants is self-nurturing”.